Do you have issues which you can’t talk about with people you know?
Are you finding it difficult to cope with something in your life?
Has something happened which is hard for you to accept?
... Counselling can help.

What is counselling?

Counselling is a way of addressing issues and problems by talking them through with someone who is supportive, but who is not involved in the situation.

You can talk privately and confidentially with me about your experiences and feelings in a way that may not be possible with family and friends.

You know yourself and your life better than anyone else: this is the belief at the centre of the school of counselling in which I am trained. Putting your thoughts and feelings into words with a counsellor can help you to examine them from other angles. This can help you to find different ways of thinking about what is going on.

What do I do?

My clients have said that talking with me has helped them to find a way through what is happening in their lives. I will listen to you and try to understand your feelings from your point of view, in a place where you can feel safe and supported.

What I won’t do is to label you, judge you or give you advice. I will work with you to help you find your own ways of dealing with whatever brings you to counselling.

Who is the right counsellor for you?

It is important that you feel comfortable with your therapist. You may find you need to have an initial session with more than one counsellor to see if you get on. Usually you know in that first meeting whether you’ll be able to work together.

Contact Details:

Peter Thomas
Phone or text: 0754 547 9696
Email: peter@counselling-london.com